Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Illegal Sale of Prescription Drugs – A Serious Drug Crime

A drug crime is a violation of a law that prohibits or regulates the use, possession, distribution or sale of illegal drugs. Many individuals are caught for illicit possession of prescription drugs. That’s because many prescription drugs create desirable effects for drug users. Some individuals receive them legally and sell them to illicit drug users at higher prices. This is a serious drug crime, and both the sellers and buyers of these illegal drugs will be charged for the crime.

What is Illegal sale of prescription drugs?

As mentioned above, a person who has a valid prescription may illegally sell prescription drugs to illicit users at premium prices. A doctor can be accused for prescribing unwanted drugs or more than a person needs. This is called illegal sale of prescription drugs. The penalties imposed for these illegal actions will differ. It depends on whether the accused is an individual or licensed medical practitioner and where the case was prosecuted (state or federal court).

Penalties for illegal drugs sale

You may face fines or get charged with a misdemeanor for possession of illegal prescription drugs. If you are caught for illegal sale, then you will be registered as a drug offender and possibly face prison. If the convicted is a health care provider, then he will not only face criminal penalties, but also lose his medical license.

Possible defenses

The possible defenses in this case can be that the person had no intent to sell the drugs, but instead possessed the drugs for personal use. If the accused is a medical practitioner, then there is a possibility to argue they had valid reasons for writing prescriptions. Another possibility is they had no reason to suspect that they were filling an invalid prescription.

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